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Submitted on
October 10, 2011
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Sullen, moody, temperamental, short-tempered.

He'd been called them all.

But nothing or no one had affected him as much as [Name].

When he heard that even [Name] thought of him just like everyone else, he felt devastated. Clenching his fists tightly, and squeezing his eyelids shut, he leant forward, his head resting on the wall, desperately trying to keep all his anger in.
But the words continue to replay on and on in his mind, along with the scene.

"Veee~" he heard Feliciano, as he entered through the front door. "It's really nice of you to be helping me, [Name]!"
Hearing her name, Lovino closed the door as silently as possible. This wasn't the best time to be making a loud entrance. Was his younger brother talking to [Name] on the phone? Why?
Her chiming laughter seemed like music to Lovino's ears, and seemed to indicate her presence, which made Lovino stiffen, all the more.
What was [Name] doing here, of all the places?
"It's all right, Feli!" She chirped. "I'm always willing to help you with your math homework, but it's sort of good that your brother isn't here."
A curious 'vee' escapes Feliciano's lips.
"Well..." she continued, "he's just so...volatile! I'm sort of...nervous, about dealing with him."
"Brother gets mad easily, but he's a nice guy!"
"I don't doubt that...but his childish's...deterring. I're both so similar, but he just has...this temper thing. It's just..."

Lovino had heard enough. He stormed up the stairs, and slammed the door to his room shut. He didn't even answer when Feliciano knocked on his door, offering him some of the pizza he'd just made.

Angry tears brimmed up in his eyes, but he was determined not to let them fall.
'Childish'? Is that what she thought of him? Okay, so maybe he wasn't the best when it came to showing his emotions, and he often regretted what he'd say, but...he always tried to be his best around [Name]. She was not only a classmate, but one that he felt very strongly for. He had to catch her attention, and now!

I've got to prove them wrong...I've got to prove them all wrong...I've got to prove [Name] wrong...

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

Lovino walked down the hallway, averting anyone's gaze. He felt nervous, his hands clammy and his face hot. He'd just done the most impossible thing. It had been easy to open her locker, all he needed to do was to slip his hand into her pocket as he 'bumped' into her at lunch yesterday, to take her schedule from where he'd notice she'd keep it all the time. He'd slip it into her bag today at lunch; he decided. Even though he had to wake up much earlier than usual, and get to school before everyone, he hoped that the whole thing would pay off.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

Opening your locker to take your books, you were completely taken by surprise as a flood of daisies fell into your arms. Pleasantly surprised, you stood still, not knowing whether you ought to let go of the sweet flowers, or just to stand there, forever. The child-like part of you just wanted to forget everything else and start making daisy chains in the hallway, not caring about all the weird stares that you might've gotten, but, deciding to be mature about it, you placed all of them back into your locker but tucked a single one behind you ear. Whoever it was would know that you appreciated their gesture, that way.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
That lunch, when Lovino hovered near [Name], to slip her schedule back into her bag, he heard her talking to her friends about all these daisies that were left in her locker this morning. He couldn't help but smile when he heard her saying how sweet it was.
He was so happy that he didn't even mind when Antonio and his friends chattered away all lunch. He didn't even go to yell at his brother for sitting with that dastard German.
He felt like things were going so much better.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

The next day, when you opened you locker, you found another bunch of daisies, but this time, a piece of a ripped-up note was in there, too. You couldn't tell what was written on it – the note had been ripped so artfully.

These daisies continued for the rest of the week, and the next. Trying to gather together all the pieces of the ripped up notes, you looked forward to the flowers and a piece of the note every day. Only one piece was left now, but you could easily read what was on the note.

Would you come with me to the dance?

You would readily go with the person! I mean, they had taken so much of time and effort to do this! It was the sweetest gesture, and the mysterious streak was all the more alluring. However – there was one problem.
There was this massive chuck missing from the middle, and it was driving you insane just to know who it was who had been sending you the flowers and the note.

The dance was this evening, and suddenly, a thought struck you.
What if someone had been playing a joke? A massive, well-orchestrated joke?

Tears started to well up in your eyes, but you were determined to not let them fall, even though the school was virtually empty, now.
You didn't want to cry, right?
You were strong, right? Strong, and brave? You weren't a little child?
Never before had you felt so little.

Quickly, you jammed you headphones into your ears, as a method of distraction, and pressed 'play'. 'Manboy' by Eric Saade streamed through. You loved this almost described your dream lad. Someone who was teetering between the line of youth and maturity, someone who could be serious as well as fun, when the situation demanded it. Someone who could you for who you are.
But thinking about all that just made you want to cry all the more. Slamming your locker in frustration, you leant your head against it, fighting to keep the tears in.

"Oi, [Name]. I think you forg-" Lovino stopped, mid-sentence, when you turned towards him, your eyes watery and looking like you were just about to cry. Furiously rubbing your eyes, you tried to smile.
"Hmm, Lovino? Were you saying something?"
He walked towards you, tepidly; it seemed, in his lazy gait, as usual. He seemed so unconcerned, the same. Maybe it was easier, to be like him. He never tried to be anything he wasn't – he never tried to be mature, to take responsibility. He was himself, and happier too, it seemed.

He held out a hand, with a piece of notepad paper on it. Recognising the paper, you quickly grabbed it from his hands, and opening your folder, tried to match it up.
You failed to notice his hand trembling.
The whole note was in front of you:

" Would you come with me to the dance?

I know I'm not perfect, or maybe not even what you want. Childish, right? I'm no angel, like Feliciano, or a charmer, like Antonio. I can't be serious, like Ludwig, or romantic, like Francis
But I'd try. And...I love you. That's all I have.  Sincerity.

You looked up, only to see Lovino almost half-way down the hall. Calling his name, you sprinted up to him. He turned around, hearing his name, only to stagger backwards as you wrapped your arms around him. The tears were flowing freely now, and Lovino was a bit confused as to what to do. But instinct took over, as he gently stroked your hair and kissed your head, not even knowing why you were crying, but feeling strangely warm and fuzzy inside.

You just clung to him tighter, as your headphones still blared on.
Why hadn't you seen that your manboy was all this time in front of you?
~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Manboy, manboy
You can call me manboy
I don't care
I'll show you how to love
There's no halo 'round my head
No, there's no angels here
Bittersweet fluff for the win~ *more sweet than bitter*
This was typed up completely on a whim. Lovi's such a manboy!
People have different interpretations of the term. Mine is a guy who's mature enough to think like a man but normally acts/looks like a boy (teen)
Lovino Vargas was, like, MADE for that!, erm, yeah. I guess I don't have much to say. I sacrificied my French, Psychology AND History homework for this. Be pleased.

I don't own anything.
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The part about sincerity almost brought tears to my eyes!!!^O^ I was reading it, and once I got to the word "sincerity", it hit me~!!! >O< I think he's just a tsundere, and I don't really care about any of his "faults", he can act like a child as much as he'd like, if he'd stay loyal and love me. ^//O//^ *embarrassed*
MissAnaAmerica Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*bows* I thank you for sacrificing your French, Psychology, AND History homework to write this epically AWESOME story!!! THANKS A BUNCH 'CAUSE IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! (>\\\\<)
BuenoTomate Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So adorable!!! You really captured Romano in this!!! It's just, wow. LOVE IT TO BITS AND PIECES!!
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I meant pleased.
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