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December 15, 2011
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"What are you doing?" Melanie asked, as she flung open the door to your room.
"Damn it, Mel! What if I wasn't dressed?" You scrambled up, off your stomach, and sat on the bed, cross-legged, yanking our headphones out of your ear in the process.
Mel simply shrugged, as she sat on the edge of you bed, and eyed the stacks of books beside you. "Why this sudden literary interest?"

"I-It's not sudden, damn it!" You were more than exasperated. " it's just-"
"Occult? Magic? What the f-"
"I just wanna be a girl, man!" You exclaimed, making Melanie look up at you, wide-eyed.
"But...I thought you liked it!" She replied, after a pause. "...don't you?"
You ran your hand through your hair. "Yes, and no. I mean, it's good, and all, but in all honesty, I don't think Gilbert's bi, in the slightest and-"
"So this is all about him?" Melanie's eyes were alight, as she got herself comfortable, sitting cross legged, and hugging a cushion lying nearby.
You didn't reply, and her smirk grew.

"So 'lil [Name] likes him, after all!"
You cringed. "Do you have to say it like that?"
You sighed, signaling your want for a change in topic.
Melanie seemed to pick up on the cue.
"Well, these shoddy books aren't going to help, are they?" She quipped, all of a sudden.
"What do you-"
"You gotta ask the people who know!"
"The people who know how to change girls into guys, and vice versa?" You raised an eyebrow questioningly.
"Arthur, you idiot!"
"Arthur..." Your mind wandered off to what happened last Friday afternoon. "Oh, no. Hell no. He's gonna want my head on a platter!"
Melanie narrowed her eyes, and you felt compelled to explain.
"Last Friday, Gil and I Tp-ed his and Roderich's car. We would've done it for the rest of the SGA, too, if we had the time."
Melanie let out a low whistle. "Girl, you've been up to things, I see."
You groaned in frustration, as you slammed your head onto the wall beside you.
"Wait, we can just go to the Magic Trio, right? Maybe not Arthur, but the other two?"
You stopped, and looked at her, wondering whether it'd be ethically or morally or whatever-ly correct to smother her in a hug at this point for this fantastic idea.
Melanie seemed to understand your feeling, though, as an evil smirk grew on her face. "Hey, [Name], what about those pictures of the boy's locker rooms that we were talking about?"
Sometimes, you felt afraid for her, dating someone like Francis, but at times like this...they did seem well suited.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
"So you woke up as a guy the next day? That's so cool! Hey, Lukas, maybe we should-"
"I'd rather not, Vlad. I'm happy being a guy."
You looked from Lukas to Vlad. You had expected them to freak out just a little bit more, at the fact that one of the girls at their school had, for some "occultish" reason, turned into the boy. However, these two seemed to be taking it fairly calmly – heck, Vlad looked like he wanted to try this himself!
"So, guys...I was wondering, at this point, is there any way for me to turn back into a girl?" You asked.
Lukas seemed to be thinking.
"Hey, Ale- or should I call you [Name] instead?"
"Alex would be better right now, don't you think, Vlad?"
"Oh, okay, so, Alex, what exactly did you wish for?"
You paused, trying to recollect. "Well, I just mused out loud this evening, when Mel and me were walking-"
"And there was that shooting star, remember?" Mel interrupted.
"Oh yeah, that-"
"People really often underestimate the power of shooting stars." Lukas muttered, making you turn towards him.
"Wait, so you're saying that a shooting star did this?" You pointed at yourself.
"Was this on the 13th?" He answered your question with another.
"Y-Yes…how did yo-"
"Most people think it's a full moon night, but it's actually the nights of the half-moon that are the best for magic." Vlad cut in. "The balance of the dark and the light makes everything so much more possible."
"You made a wish on the night of the half moon, on a shooting star. It was bound to happen." Lukas stated, matter-of-factly.

"So, can I be a girl again?" Your voice rose slightly at the end, as you found your patience dwindling to an end.
"Well..." both of them started, and paused simultaneously.
"Hey, Luke, the next one's in a week, right?"
"There should be enough energy, if we prepare."
"A week should be more than enough time."
"We'd need the materials, though."
"Yes...the herbs would be hard, considering it's winter and-"
"Hello? Guys? Yes, or no?" You waved your hands, trying to get their attention.

"Just give us a week." Lukas said.
~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

"Alex!" You heard someone call from behind, as you pulled your hood over your head. You squeezed your eyes shut, as you recognised the voice, and wished that the earth would just swallow you whole right at this point-
"Gah!" you exclaimed, as you felt a pair of arms ambush you from behind. You turned your head to see Emma's cat-like expression, which almost send a shiver of fear down your back – one which you repressed well, you felt.
"It's nice to see you here!" She cooed, still not letting go.
"Y-Yeah." You struggled, slightly. Damn, she was strong!
She suddenly let go, however, and linked her arm with yours, all of a sudden.

"So, Alex! We haven't even had the chance to talk properly! Tell me all about yourself." Her sing-song voice was enough to make any boy go weak in the knees, but it made you feel like hurling, for some strange reason.
"There's nothing to say, really..." You replied, shakily.
"Oh, of course there is!" She laughed. "Anyone from out of town has to be more interesting! The guys in this school are such bores, anyway!" She rolled her eyes playfully, as she seemed to cling to your arm.
"I – I don't know..." You felt like slapping yourself – why did you feel so nervous?

But, right then, you thought you saw an angel.
Literally, and figuratively.
There was no way you could mistake Gilbert Beilschmidt, anywhere.
"Oh, hey, look, there's Gil! Gotta go, love!" You called, suddenly. "Hey, Gilbert!"
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I have no idea why this took so long! I swear, I didn't mean for it to take so long! D:
But it's good to be writing for Alex, again :P And YAY FOR NORWAY AND ROMANIA!
I have no idea why Romania's such a hyper guy. I imagine him to be like that - sure, he can be sexy and whatnot, but he's supposed to be a prankster, right? And...I don't even know. He just seems fun, okay?
And, I don't know if I have mentioned this before, or not, but Emma is Belgium. :|
Whom I don't mean to make a bitch, but she just ends up like that D:
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I have one or possibly two questions to ask. who is lukas and emma? (country terms please)
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Oh nevermind. xD Emma's Belgium. But her name is is either Bella( most likley real name) or Florinda (most likly fan name)
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Emma isn't a real chaacter. Lukas is also known as Norway.
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