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November 7, 2011
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Ich würde Kampfsport machen
~I would do combat sports
Und Macho lass es krachen
~And act like a macho
Mir den Verstand amputieren
~Would amputate my reason

As you entered the classroom, you headed straight for the back seat, and slid into the seat.

You had this completely sorted out.
If you were a guy, you should take full advantage of the situation, right?
Plus, this was temporary. You could slack off as much as you wanted, get into brawls, make stupid jokes...the possibilities were endless. Getting into brawls seemed to be a good option – you could be just as rebellious as you wanted, and it essentially wouldn't matter.
And, then, once you were a girl, again, you could get back to your normal, nice self.
Nothing could be better – this had to be one of the best things to ever happen to you, you thought.

You felt someone tap on your shoulder, as you were lost in thoughts, headphones jammed into ear.
"Hmm?" You raised your eyebrows, as you looked up, only to see an around six-foot, hulking figure in a gigantic coat looming over you.

Ivan Braginski
You gulped, hopefully not noticeably.
"This is my seat, you should move, da?" His childish voice rung clearly across the classroom, as he looked down at you, smiling.
What was it I was talking about just five minutes ago?

You looked at him straight in the eye.  "Doesn't say your name, does it?"
The silence in the class was overwhelming – you could feel everyone's eyes on you, but you continued to stare back at Ivan.

After what seemed like forever, Ivan smiled, and stepped back. "Okay." And with that, he left.

You looked around the classroom, to find everyone staring at you. "W-What?" You asked, aloud.

"Dude, he just stood upto Ivan!"
"He just pwned Ivan!"
"Totally BAMF."

The room broke into a burst of commotion, and you swore you heard someone say that he was 'hot'.
"That was impressive, mon ami"
"Sí, amigo you stood up well to Ivan."
You looked from you left, to right to see two familiar faces.

Francis Bonnefoy and Antonio Carriedo.

"Ivan...was that his name?" You decided that you had to feign ignorance.
"Oui, that it was." Francis said. "Je m'apelle Francis."
"Alexander" you replied.
"I'm Antonio!" Antonio said, from your right. "You're new here?"
"Yeah" you replied, trying to sound monotone, and uninterested, but deep inside, you could feel you heart beating wildly. Antonio and Francis were two of the school's most...notorious and well-known boys, and if you were as before, never would you have talked to them! But, now, because of ONE line, there they were, talking to you!
"Do you want to join us after school?" Antonio asked, as you gaze shot to him.
"We just...hang out. That is all." Francis offered a placating statement, quickly.
"I...guess so." You replied, after a moment's thought. Wasn't I supposed to be living life as a boy? Might as well see how the bad boys live it!
"Great, amigo!" Antonio exclaimed, slapping your back, and hard, too, making you wince slightly, but you managed to cover it up, quickly. "Meet us outside the back gate, then?"
"Where're we going, anyway?" You asked, quickly.
"The mall, I suppose, as usual." Francis shrugged.
"Good." You replied, quickly, "Because I seriously need to get some clothes."

Francis and Antonio stopped what they were doing, and stared at you.
Oh, shit. I'm a guy now.
"Y-You know...they never gave me the chance to pack anything before I came here!" You hastily followed up your comment, giving them a brief smile.
Antonio shrugged, and Francis followed suit. "Yeah, whatever."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

As you stood in the lunch line, you felt unnaturally impatient. Why was the line moving so slowly?
Maybe it's another thing that guys have. Too much of impatience
You drummed your fingers on your arm, as you had them crossed. Feeling someone tap on your shoulder, you turned around, and almost bumped into Emma.

Emma was one of the school's most popular – the usual type, charming, friendly, a cheerleader.
And obviously the fantasy girl of most guys.
"'re the new guy who stood up to Ivan, right?" She laughed coquettishly.
Oh, right. News got round the school fast. You'd forgotten.
"That must've been really brave of you." She continued. "I love it when guys stand up for themselves.
What's with her eyelashes? Is…she batting them at me?
"I..I, yeah." You offered her a weak smile.
"I'm Emma. What's your name?"
"Alexander" you said, as you noticed her place her hand on your forearm.
"Well, then, Alexander, I'd love to see more of you aro-"
"OI MOVE FORWARD, DUMBASS!" Someone yelled from the back of the line. Turning towards the front, again, you noticed a big gap in front of you. Rushing forward, you tripped on the railing, and collided with the person in front, tackling him with you down onto the floor.
With a grunt, you scrambled off him, and dusted your jeans.
"Watch where you're going, man." He muttered, as he stood up. Evidently, clumsiness was on the last of you man-traits. You looked up, and to your greater shock, saw Gilbert standing there.
Gilbert Beilschmidt. Definitely more notorious than Antonio and Francis. Leader of the so-called 'Bad Touch Trio'. And, unfortunately, the subject of your possible crush, along with every girl in the school, you'd thought.
"I...erm..." You were at a loss for words.
Gilbert looked at you, curiously, frowning slightly, then a smile appeared suddenly on his face. "You're the new kid, yeah? The one that picked a fight with Ivan?"
"I didn't pick a-"
"Yeah, whatever. Well, at least you seem smart. You know who to fight, and who to not fight." He chuckled.
This set off a spark in your mind. "Look, I don't even know who you are, but you don't have a right to talk like that about-"
"You obviously don't know who I am." He interrupted you.
"Well, whoever you are, you sure as hell weren't standing there before. So why don't you get to the back of the line?" You snapped back.
Gilbert cocked his head to the side. "...well, well, look who's on their high horse?"
"Talking about yourself?"
Gilbert suddenly grabbed your collar, pulling you closer. You could smell the cologne on his body.
Damn, it smelt good...
Instinctively, though, you grabbed his collar as well.

"Bruder, let go." A new voice interrupted him, and you looked behind yourself to see Ludwig Beilschmidt standing there. Ludwig was Gilbert's younger brother, and you often wondered how they were related.
Gilbert looked to his brother, ripping his gaze off you, and abruptly let go of your collar.
"This isn't the last time you'll be hearing of Gilbert Beilschmidt." He looked towards you as he spoke, a hint of a threat in his voice, and then left.
"I apologise on behalf of my brother." Ludwig spoke, as Gilbert left.
"T-That's okay." You replied, as you straightened your shirt.

But what you couldn't tell anyone was how your heart was beating wildly, still, and your head felt slightly light. Or how good his cologne really smelt. Or how, at that moment, you not only did not confirm that you have a crush on Gilbert Beilschmidt, but you had it bad for him.

Evidently, even though you now had the body of a male, your feelings were still completely female.
EDIT:None of the italicising worked earlier, 'cause I forgot the end tag OTL
^Is it not amazing that I've managed to make that edit off my iPod?
Correct me if there's any error in the translation, guys ^^;

Well, well second chapter! :la:
It's so much of fun writing this story OuO

Of course, I don't own anything....

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