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January 8, 2012
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The meetings at the pub had become more frequent, and Ludwig and [Name] seemed to be getting closer. Even Gilbert seemed to concur that.
"Which step are you on, Ludwig?" He asked, all of a sudden, over breakfast.
"Step? I don't know what-"
"The Ten Steps."
"Ah." Ludwig gulped. "Ahh...five, I think."
"Gilbert laughed in his usual, raucous manner. "Man, if I were you, I'd totally ask her out, now! I'd bring her back home, cook for her, and then maybe-"
"Danke, but I think I shall stick to the plan." Ludwig hastily interrupted his brother. He couldn't think of doing that to [Name]...
"And that's why you're my little bruder." Gilbert chuckled, as he ruffled Ludwig's hair.
"Bruder...I'd just combed my hair."
"Try the bed head one day."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~  
"So...Ludwig, tell me."
"Hmm?" He turned in response to his name, to the girl sitting beside him.
"Do you even have to go to the gym?"
"Do I-"
"Or do you just get your workout by taking care of three dogs?" [Name] laughed, as she leant back on the park bench, stretching slightly.
Ludwig chuckled softly. "It can be quite an ordeal...but I think it is worth it."
[Name] nodded. "You're right. There's some...strange sort of...happy feeling, that you get from animals. They're so much more...dependable, aren't they?"
Ludwig was tempted to ask why she thought that, but he decided it could wait for later. Aster seemed to have had enough of games and running around, and had come and settled snugly against [Name]'s legs. It was...a sort of sweet sight.

My dogs seem to like you, [Name]," he smiled, as Berlitz brought his Frisbee up to [Name], for her to throw it once more.
She laughed, making his hear beat faster suddenly once more. "They're just nice dogs, that's all."
"Nein." he shook his head. "They don't get along with just anyone."
"Is this supposed to be an off-hand compliment, Ludwig?" [Name] smirked.

Was it? Ludwig thought.

"Because, if it is, thank you."
Well...that was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Step 5 - Compliment her - achieved
Uwahh! Short, and sweet! Short, and sweet!
I hope!

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