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December 30, 2011
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"I'm really glad you showed up, Ludwig!" [Name] said, laughing, as she came up to Ludwig. Ludwig felt compelled to return at least half a smile – she looked such a sight, in a formal cut dress, that just went to below her knees. Ludwig tried his hardest not to gaze at her legs, and succeeded…mostly.
"It's for a good cause, after all." He replied politely, as he shook her hand.
"Oh, that's right!" She exclaimed, all of a sudden. "We did meet at a pet store, so I wanted to you have any pets?"

He nodded, in reply. "Three dogs."
"Three dogs?" Her eyes seemed to light up with joy. "What are their names?"
"Uh...Blackie, Berlitz a-and Aster." He looked away from her, all of a sudden, hoping that she had not noticed his slight stutter. He had many topics in mind, on what she could talk about – polite chatter and such, but...his dogs? He was absolutely unprepared for that!

She squeezed her eyes shut, momentarily, and opened them again. "That's so cute, Ludwig! I sort of did imagine you to be a dog person, I guess! I just couldn't ever, for the life of me, imagine you to be a bird person! You've never had any pet birds, have you?"
Ludwig couldn't help but chuckle, as he shook his head.
"See? I thought so!" Her lopsided smile made Ludwig momentarily forget what he was going to say, but thankfully, [Name] continued to speak.
"Yeah, I just can't imagine you with birds. I kind of always associate birds with pirates, really, and I could NEVER imagine you to be a pirate?"

Ludwig was partially amazed at [Name]'s ability to skip topic so frequently – it took him a while to connect her chain of thought, but that only meant that there was never a dull moment with her around.
"Why could I not be a pirate?"
She seemed to think for a while, before replying. "'d probably have a panic attack if you didn't have access to a shower!" She burst out laughing, but covered her mouth soon enough, trying to control her laughter (and her blush, considering where her thought actually led her).
Ludwig chuckled, slightly puzzled, but her honesty and frankness made him like her even more.

"Let me get you a drink, okay?" She held up her index finger for a moment, then almost ran off, at full speed, leaving Ludwig just standing there, alone.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Her face seemed unusually hot, as she put her hand to her cheeks.
"What have I been blabbing away, in front of Ludwig?" She murmured out loud to herself. He was an extremely attractive man, and knowing that there was much more to him than just looks, she faintly realised just how attractive she found this man.
"I can't be hasty, though," she told herself. "Friends first, then whatever."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~

" I actually forgot to ask you what you wanted, so I got you the same type of beer as you were having at the pub...I hope that's okay." [Name] smiled sheepishly, as she handed him an opened bottle of lager. With an unusually large smile, he took the bottle of lager, thanking her.
"I'm surprised you remember." He said, sipping his beer, and finding that, to his surprise that it really was like his favourite, if not the absolute same.
"A good sense of beer, then" he concluded to himself, not being to help admire [Name] all the more.
She laughed lightly. "Well...I'll have to remember now that we're friends... we're friends now, aren't we?" She tried to cover up what she'd blurted out.
Oh my gosh, there go my chances of knowing such an amazing man! Gosh, ehy must I ramble so much? Did I really have to say friends? I bet he's insecure with relationships and - oh my gosh, did I just say relationship? I've just ruined-"

"I guess we are."

Step 3 - Be a friend - achieved
Ohai, guys. I'm too sleepy to write anything substantial here

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