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December 28, 2011
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Ludwig glanced nervously towards his brother and closest friend, before looking back towards who would become "the main goal of tonight", as his brother put it. Loosening the knot of his tie, slightly, he made his way towards the girl who was laughing with abandon, the girl whose eyes were sparkling with laughter, the girl whose mere gesture could make his heart feel all funny...
...he really had been around Feliciano too much, he concluded.

Clearing his throat in preparation for his introduction to [Name], he was caught completely off guard when she turned around, the smile on her face growing wider when she saw him.
"Ludwig!" She exclaimed. "What a pleasant surprise! It's nice to see you here!"
"Uh...ja..." was all he managed to say.

"It sure is...a surprise, seeing you not working, and in a place like this!"
"I hope it's a good surprise." Ludwig found himself replying, before he realised that it was absolutely wrong for him to say that, and that I might hurt his chances with [Name] to an extent of 2.8%.
"Oh, of course it is!" She chimed in reply, smiling beatifically towards him. He couldn't help but smile back, softly, in return.
"So...are you here with someone, or..." [Name] left the words hanging.
"Ah, no, I am here alone...and you?" he wasn't sure whether he was being impertinent or not, but he just had to know.
"Oh, no. I often come here. I love this pub, really. It's a cosy place, don't you think?"
Ludwig looked around the pub. It really had been done up in a non-pretentious, homely manner, like the ones he had seen on a trip to England. The low leel of formality made him feely more comfortable, yet uncomfortable. He didn't see a single person there wearing formal trousers, a button up shirt and a tie, either.

"Hey, okay?" [Name]'s voice was soft, yet it still made him jump.
"Oh, ja." He whispered, almost in a breath.
"Good." She leant back, a smile playing on her lips. "You looked a bit worried there."
Ludwig was about to say something, but she continued to speak.
"Which wouldn't have been all that good, really. 'Cause, I mean, you look really good when you smile, Ludwig! You should smile more!"
Ludwig decided that looking at the wall behind [Name]'s head would be a good idea, at this point, as he felt his cheeks heat up.

"I'm actually quite impressed with your choice, Ludwig. I never thought of you to be the type to actually enter a pub!" she spoke, after a pause, making Ludwig look back at her. There was a lot that he could say, at that point, but there was only one thing he could say, at that point.
"Do you want a drink?"

Step 1 - Make an impression - achieved
Sometimes, Ludwig's capacity of cuteness kills me...
Haven't managed to proofread this OTL, but...I'm really sleepy, for some reason...
At least I have a new pair of Vans.

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Before I read any more I just wanted to applaud you on this.
I love it.
A lot.
You've done his character perfectly and just ohmygoodness.
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LOL LUDWIG! yes you have now completed the first stage! good for you!
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