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January 2, 2012
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The lingering scent was still in the air – the night had been humid, the air almost tangible. You were still trying to catch your breath back, as you lay flat on your back, and you could hear Matthias do the same.
"This isn't working, is it?" Matthias asked, all of a sudden.
"Mmm...nope." You retorted.
After a pause, he responded. "So...who's gonna be the one."
"I think you should be the one."
"Just trying to put the blame on me, aren't you?" You could hear him grinning through his speech, as you saw him turn around on the bed, propping his head up with his hand.
"Nothing of that sort." You smiled to face him. "I'd like your loud mouth to do the honours."
"Everyone's gonna think that I'm the ass, you know."
"You are, anyway." You laughed, pulling the bed cover closer around you – what was with the sudden drop in temperature, anyway?
"Very funny," he retorted. "But ...hey! I have an idea! What if we have a break-up party?"
"Yeah!" Matthias was really excited, now. "A break up party! To let everyone know we're breaking up!"
"You've got to be mad, Matt..." You mumbled, as you sat up, taking the bed cover with you, to cover yourself.
"Hey, we don't wanna make it sad, anyway, do we? We just wanna tell the world nicely that both of us can't get along together as a couple!"
"I guess you're right..." you mutter, as you fall back down on the bed.
Matthias kissed your cheek. "I'll miss you."
"Oh, sod off." You laughed. "Don't make me laugh so much, Matt. I'm tired enough, already."
"Wear you out, did I?" He laughed, as his hands ghosted over your sides.
"Oh, don't you dare-" But before you could finish your threat, laughter took over, and you fought valiantly to get Matthias to stop ticking you.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
"So, what am I supposed to be? Do I give you wishes for the break-up, or condolences?" Lukas whispered to you, at the party.
You giggled. "You're funny, Luke...but, no. None of that's needed."
Lukas merely shrugged.

You watched subtly, as some upstart, tart of a girl moved obnoxiously close to Matthias. You unconsciously clenched your glass tighter, as you saw him laugh at something she'd just said.

"You're not ready to  break up, are you?"
"W-What?" You turned around towards Lukas. "Of course we are! This should've happened months ago! We were just too lazy to actually get it done!"
"And why are you two breaking up, anyway?"
"I...I...well, we're just not meant for each other, you know?"
"No, I don't."
You sighed, as you turned towards Lukas. "We're...far too alike, us. If we ever were together, who would be the responsible one?"
"I find that idiots sort of manage to stay well with each other." If this was anyone else, you would've taken offence, but you knew that this was Lukas, your closest friend – he was the only person who could get away with being brutally honest around you.
Before you could think up of a witty response, Lukas had suddenly taken your hand, and whisked you to the middle of the living room, now acting as the dance floor.
"Let's dance." He simply said.
"But, Lukas!" You were taken by surprise. "That was rather-" You froze, as you felt his arm slide around your waist, and him move closer to you.
"Just...go along with this okay? Trust me." And before you could respond, you felt his lips lightly touch yours.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Matthias had noticed how Lukas had taken [Name]'s hand, and pulled her out onto the dance floor. As he watched them carefully, he wished that the girl beside him would just shut up for a bit, and had the rather un-chivalrous urge to punch her in the face, in hopes that she would finally shut up.

He put down his drink, in fear that he would snap the glass out of frustration, as he watched Lukas get closer to [Name]. He seemed to whisper something into his ear, and she whispered something back and – OH, HELL, DID HE JUST KISS HER? HIS [Name]?

Completely ignoring the girl at his side, Matthias made his way towards the couple on the dance floor.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
"What do you think you're doing, kissing my girlfriend?" You turned around, to find a very furious Matthias looming over you and Lukas.
"Thought you broke up with her." Lukas replied, nonchalantly, as he stepped back.
"That's none of your fucking concern!"
"It is, actually. If she's single, then she's fair game, right?" Lukas' voice had no change in tone.
"Like hell she is!" Matthias exclaimed, losing the last bit of his cool, and before you could even intervene, he had grabbed your wrist, and stormed out with you.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Once outside, Matthias turned towards you, and almost instantaneously started ranting.
"What the heck were you thinking, [Name], we hadn't even..."
"Shut up, Matt." You mumbled, as realisation hit you.
"...split for a day, and you were kissing Lukas? I mean, hell! My best friend? Why would..."
"Shush." You retorted, as you realised that Lukas only did this to get a reaction out of Matthias.
" do that? Okay, so we aren't dating, if that's what you want, but-"
"That's what I want?" Your voice rose. "Whose idea was the break-up party?"
"I just wanted to make it better than it might have been, damn it!" You could see the conflicting emotions on his face – one moment, he looked angry, the next he looked like he wanted to cry.
"Matthias, you talk too much." And before he could get in a word, you yanked him down by his collar, and kissed his square on the lips.

After you pulled back for that damn need of some air, Matthias spoke.
"Damn, [Name]...what was that all about? Thought we had broken up!" He still didn't move his arms from around you waist, however, and you didn't stop running your fingers through his hair.
"Mmm... I find that idiots sort of manage to stay well with each other." You repeated Lukas' words, before you leant in for another kiss.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Extended ending:
"So, is this a break up party, or a break-up-and-make-up-then-make-out one?"
"Shush, shush, Matt, " You couldn't help but laugh. "We're the ones in the garden, anyway."
Matthias = Denmark
Lukas = Norway :D

Denny's such an idiot. A cute, adorable idiot, though.
As soon as ~xXPianoInMyRoomXx asked for a Denmark x Reader, I knew I had to think hard.
And inspiration struck as I was watching a Bollywood movie xDD
In it, the couple, before they split, have a break up party
And I was sitting there and thinking "That's so dumb and cool...oh, gosh...I can so imagine Denmark having one of - HEY! THAT'S WHAT I'LL WRITE ABOUT!"
Weird me, I know.
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I seriously love this. Its really amazing. And better than alot of DenmarkXReader's I've read. No joke, your amazing!
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Best denmarkxreader ever
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This was such a kickass idea for a plot. It was absolutely adorable and funny!


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No problem~
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I don't want Denmark to feel inferior to emotionless Norge :P
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